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Why we exist

Smartphones and tablets have quickly become the preferred way people entertain themselves. And yet, hardcore gamers have been left behind. Where are all the competitive multiplayer games? We do not know what is taking so long and really cannot wait any longer. We aspire to unlock the hidden potential of smartphones by turning them into tiny consoles in the pockets of gamers worldwide.

Chobolabs exists to bring competitive real-time multiplayer games to mobile.

Founding Chobolabs

Written by Deyan Vitanov, CEO and Co-Founder, 9/30/2015.

Petar and I founded Chobolabs with a singular focus: to bring competitive real-time multiplayer games to mobile.

In 2012, we had just left the acquirer of our last startup and began exploring what to do next. We tried a couple of different ideas, but always had a particular fascination with gaming. As former pro-gamers, we grew up playing Counter-Strike and StarCraft at LAN parties. So we naturally expected to find plenty of competitive real-time multiplayer games on smartphones and tablets. After all, competitive games have grown up to completely dominate both PCs and consoles. eSports tournaments with multimillion-dollar prizes and millions of players and spectators have become the world’s most exciting entertainment experience. Petar and I expected that the category would be just as popular on mobile, which is the fastest growing and by now largest gaming platform ever.

Instead, what we found is that on mobile the hardcore gamer has been left behind. At best, there are a bunch of lame copies of PC and console games, which fail miserably on smartphones and tablets due to a combination of design and technical factors. Petar and I believe that mobile can do better. We believe that mobile gamers deserve great hardcore games. That is why we founded Chobolabs and focused our attention on bringing competitive real-time multiplayer games to mobile. We aspire to unlock the hidden potential of smartphones by turning them into tiny consoles in the pockets of gamers worldwide.

To be sure, it’s a tough nut to crack. Every new platform demand originality – and mobile is definitely not the exception to that rule. Instead of a joystick, a mouse, and a keyboard, we have a tiny rectangular touch screen manipulated with fingers. Instead of long sessions, players prefer bite-sized experiences. There are plenty of interruptions: from calls to messages to push notifications. Both networks and devices are slower. The list goes on, but the point is already clear: mobile is different and unique and demands innovation, both on the technology and design fronts.

We are hard at work meeting this challenge by building our flagship title Mayhem on top of our proprietary cross-platform ChoboEngine, tailored for real-time action multiplayer mobile games. In 2017, we will be releasing Mayhem and aspire to match – if not exceed – the high expectations of hardcore gamers worldwide and bring competitive real-time multiplayer games to smartphones and tablets.

Realizing this dream wouldn’t be possible without the support of so many people – from gamers to investors to entrepreneurs to executives to journalists alongside numerous friends as well as the entire Chobolabs team. Thank you all!


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Chobolabs news!

Deyan and Petar

Co-Founders, Chobolabs


P.S. We often get asked where our name “Chobolabs” comes from. It’s a combination of two words – “chobo” and “labs”. In competitive gaming, the Korean word “chobo” means beginner or newbie. Labs refers to our approach of experimenting to find out what “just works.” Put together, the name “Chobolabs” is about our commitment to innovation and taking on challenges with a beginner’s mind.